E2K Pylon Racer – The Equaliser


Evolution’s E2K model  – The ‘Equaliser’ designed to compete on the E2K circuit

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The ‘Equaliser’ was developed for a local club competition to provide a pylon racer airframe and power set-up that was the same, providing a ‘equal’ platform to let the pilot shine! In these local competitions a 3s set-up was used to tame the beast and make it open to all.  The competition was close and exciting as we had 15 to 20 pilots dueling it out to win the top spot.  Following the success of these competitions the only place to go was the E2K circuit where the model has caught the eye of a number of competitors.  The’ Equaliser’, piloted by Dani G-e of Team Renegade went on to win the E2K Winter Series held in Shrewsbury during 2018.  The airframe has proven itself to be fast and competitive on the circuit and we hope that it will go on to win many more awards and trophies this year.

The ‘Equaliser’ is an extremely simple build, both the wing and fuselage are self-jigging and full instruction included.  Whether you use a 3s or 4s battery and for competition or just fun, it will put a smile on your face every time you fly.  Throttle back and it will slow down without any nasty vices which makes it easy to fly and not a problem to land.

The kit contains all laser cut parts, sheet and strip wood and a basic hardware pack.  Just add electronics and covering to complete

For more details and the full rules please visit https://bmfa.org/Downloads/Contest-Rule-Books?EntryId=2073 and download Section 5 (RC Power) the E2K rules are on page 37.  Only use these rules, other sites are available, but only the BMFA rules will apply at competition level

Wingspan: 38″ – 965mm

Motor Size: C3536 – 1500kv

For Esc Size: 60A (RPM limited to comply with the rules)

Prop: APC 8×8 Glow (8×6 on 3s)

Weight RTF: 2.25lbs (1022g) and a maximum weight of not more than 3.75lbs (1705g)

Servos Required: 1 x Elevator, 2 x Ailerons and throttle

Functions: Elevator, Aileron and Throttle (ESC)


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