Awaiting Balsa

I know it’s disappointing, but we are waiting for good grade balsa to arrive!  As soon as it is available we will get cutting, but we have sold out of kits – we will be back in production soon and will post here when they are available again.





During the lockdown period we have been able to secure our own laser cutter!  Which means that we can cut our own kits, and cut any spare parts that you may require quickly.  We have managed to secure this just in time for the great balsa shortage!!  However, we do have a shipment of balsa on its way and will have some of our kits available in the next few weeks.

Welcome to our new website, it’s not yet finished, but you are now able to purchase our airframes through this site using Paypal.  If you have any specific questions please contact us at support@evolution-models.com.